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GobiTM can be recharged from a standard outlet but its great utility is being recharged from the sun and GobiTM relies on a new, and proven, approach to solar gain called 3DPV - for Three Dimensional Photovoltaics. 



3DPV provides more for less.  That is, more power in less space due to the placement of solar cells.  As the image below shows, the placement of solar cells results in a tilted configuration that seems odd and not intuitive - we have all become used to the concept that solar panels must be flat.  Solar panels don't need to be flat.





Traditional thinking requires the solar panel, and solar cells, to be perpendicular to the sun for the greatest solar gain.  While accurate it also means the solar panel, and solar cells, gain also the most thermal heat transfer from the sun.  As heat on the solar cells increase they generate less electricity.  By placing the solar cells at a tilt, like we did with GobiTM, we can provide more energy because the solar cells are not gaining as much heat.  There is a tradeoff between solar gain and heat transfer that we seek to make an advantage.


Hard to believe?  Check out this research by MIT.


The approach taken with GobiTM provides for a uniquely designed and powerful, for its size, solar recharging device.  GobiTM is a completely new approach providing new solution for your lifestyle or emergency needs. 





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