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GobiTM has a standard USB connection that can be connected to many smartphone charge cords and that, from a full GobiTM charge, will provide about a 20-30% charge if your smartphone in about 40 minutes.  T


After the smartphone charge, GobiTM still has enough power left to drive power to the two RUGS components - driving the RUGDTMtorch or driving the RUGDTMbeam for hours and proving itself to be a versatile tool for varying conditions you might encounter. 













Why does GobiTM only provide for about 20-30% of a smartphone charge?  This is intentional.  To provide for a full charge would require a different battery pack and a different solar cell configuration to charge those batteries.  All in all, it was a choice of intent.  The intent is for GobiTM to provide a range of solutions well versus providing for only one solution very well. 


Even at 20-30% charge, GobiTM is providing a very real solution.  A 20-30% charge of your smartphone translates into, approximately and dependent on conditions, over a day of standby time and over an hour of talk time (on 3G) let alone the number of text messages or emails that can be sent.  In fact, if faced in a true emergency, a charge less than 20-30% has been proven to be enough to alert authorities to your situation and to reach out to friends and family.  Learn about why we is NiMH batteries.


    GobiTM provides power in remote location and is perfect for the outdoor enthusiast.  GobiTM comes with a pair of D-rings that pivot from a closed position to an extended position allowing you to hang GobiTM from just about anywhere including your tent and providing hours and hours of light.  
    GobiTM is a perfect travel companion for your, or your family member's, road trip.  With the D-ring feature and the optional RUGDTMtorch, any nighttime car fiasco becomes that much easier to solve.  The 360� light projects light for several feet and can easily provide ambient light for an engine compartment or a trunk.  Check the hoses, fluid levels or find needed tools now - all because you can now see them.  Think your task needs more light, check out using the flashlight function.  
      GobiTM has a wide base-to-height ratio and that allows it to be stood upright to make a LED 'candle' providing 360� light from a lower level such as the ground or a raised surface like a table.  
    Regardless of source, we all remain at risk for natural disasters - earthquakes, floods, fires, hurricanes, blizzards, etc.  In each case loss of power from the grid is very likely and likely for days.  GobiTM helps get use through these difficult times.  Providing lights for hours and hours, GobiTM helps get you to a better place.  
      More about the RUGDTMtorch  
    GobiTM provides general and ambient lighting from its RUGDTMtorch component and a directed beam of light from its RUGDTM beam component.  Any outdoor enthusiast that has been out late at night should agree that both kinds of light are important - and nice to have.  With GobiTM, for the first time, you have both options together.  The RUGDTMbeam is great for finding your path in the woods.  Coming in late from the field?  No worries - you'll find your path ahead.  
    We believe GobiTM is a perfect travel companion.  Small enough to fit into just about any bag or any compartment in your car, the RUGDTMbeam component provides the directed beam of light needed for more precise tasks you might encounter while traveling.  Need to check a fuse?  Dropped a lug nut in the dark?  You'll need a directed beam of light for that and GobiTM provides you both the direct and ambient light you'll need.  Think your task needs general light, check out using the lantern function.  
    Tornado, hurricane, flood, lightning, snow and wind are familiar causes for the power outages we have all experienced.  Sometimes these outages can last a long time.  GobiTM provides a solid solution for your emergency needs.  Using the RUGDTMbeam allows you to have a directed beam of light to help solve the issues you might face - like checking the breaker box or having the kids check for monsters under the bed.  
      More about the RUGDTMbeam  
    GobiTM measures 7.5"x2.125"x2.125" (Height x Width x Depth) when closed.  When open for solar charging GobiTM measures 7.5"x2.125"x5.25"(190.5mm X 59.98mm x 133.35mm).   
    GobiTM only weighs 0.88 pounds with the battery pack and both RUGDTM  components included.  That is you get a solar charger for your smartphone plus a lantern and plus a flashlight for only 14 ounces.  It's so light it actually floats!  
    Yep.  It floats.  Constructed from special materials that are hydrophobic and with a very low relative density GobiTM now becomes not only a solution for your outdoors, traveling and emergency needs but also for your adventures on the water - boating, kayaking, sailing - are all options for GobiTM.  
    GobiTM comes with two embedded D-Rings in the base of the unit and that provide for GobiTM to be hung in many locations.  
    To help you out at ni*3dP*

ght, GobiTM includes glow-in-the-dark indicators at both ends.  This not only makes it easy for you to find GobiTM but also know which end is which and to find the RUGDTM  components.  One end is marked with the single, green, indicator and the other end is marked with two, blue-white, indicators.  These indicators are long lasting, typically several hours, from just a short amount of time in under nearly any light source.






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