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RUGDTM (pronounced 'rugged') means "Rural to Urban GobiTM Device".  These little components are about one cubic inch in size but are powerful for their size.  They are also 'rugged' being a form of a solid state device.  Each RUGDTM contain the electrical components needed to function and these components are encased within a solid form.  This makes the RUGDTM 'monolithic' and less likely to fail due to shocks from dropping or from weather and water.

  The RUGDTMbeam is an flashlight comprised of a single, large, specialty LED that provides for a very narrow beam of light casting a beam for over 50 feet and lasting over 24 hours on a full charge of a standard battery pack.  The RUGDTMbeam measures approximately one cubic inch plus a typical USB connector that allows it to be paired with GobiTM  
  The RUGDTMtorch is an LED lantern casting 10,000 millicandelas (10 lumens) a full 360 for 12+ hours on full charge of standard battery pack.  It measures approximately one cubic inch plus a typical USB connector to pair it with GobiTM.  Don't let the little size fool you.  The RUGDTMtorch provides ample light in your immediate area for completing general tasks or even your late night reading.  
  Other RUGDTM?      
  Are there more RUGDTM  than the 'torch' and 'beam'?  'Yes' is the short answer.  However, we are not ready to release them yet.  We hope to release new RUGDTM devices during 2014 and seek your input as to what you'd like to see.  Remember, we have about one cubic inch to work with but we appreciate a really good challenge - so bring it!  Send us your ideas.  



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