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Scuint [skwint] is located in Austin, Texas. It is a start-up organization and first mover in the 3DPV solar market segment.  Founded by Steven, inventor of the GobiTM, Scuint seeks to take its inventions and proprietary knowledge to the market and help change the expectations, and success stories, around solar.  As a start-up, with some kick-butt ideas, Scuint is poised to make successful change - seeking first to build an enthusiastic community with people like you.

Supporting Scuint is a high caliber Board of Advisors comprised of a current CIO, CFO, Manufacturing Director and entrepreneurs that provide overall guidance and direction for the company.



Austin is a city on the go and on the grow.  Known as The Live Music Capital of the World, Austin is a mixture of art, government, education and high tech business.  It has a vibe all its own and is a great city to start a renewable energy company.  Centered in the center of the energy rich state of Texas, Austin enjoys about 229 days of sunshine and has a city ethos for the environment with Austinites typically being outdoors all the time - hiking, boating, biking, kayaking - Austin and its people are on the move building a better tomorrow.



"Any product, any company, should be about people plain and simple.  I am very proud that GobiTM is our first product.  It promises to change expectations and, more importantly, to help people - that is the goal - to help make a better world.  GobiTM is designed to rugged and durable.  The lantern component can last 18 hours on a single charge that is longer than any nightfall.  With the solar recharging, the people should always have light.  I've been stuck in the woods late at night without light, I know how challenging, and frightening, that can be.  GobiTM helps fix that regardless of who you are or where you're at." - Steven (Founder)




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